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isle of wight festival 1970

In 1970 it really exploded. This was the big one, in some cases for all the wrong reasons.

If youve seen footage of the festivals chances are it was from this event. The BBC recently screened an interesting documentary and there are films available including Wild Blue Angel Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight. This performance was notable as Jimis last UK gig.

If youre a fan of this music (if??) then prepare to drown in your own drool as you look over the line up on the Psychedelic Drummer poster.

The drummer is probably the most famous art image connected with the festivals and, along with the kaleidoscope drummer on the programme cover, created a wonderful promotional theme.

Continuing that theme are the tickets which feature the rest of the band in striking colours and designs.

The festival itself was plagued with troubles. The site at East Afton Farm was next to a huge hill which basically meant people could see the bands for free. Organisers Fiery Creations were trying to charge people and erected a fence around the whole site which was eventually ripped down prompting promoter Rick Farr to declare the rest of the event free.